Tuesday, November 17, 2020

VISION OF AMERICA WITHOUT THE ROD OF AUTHORITY. While in the Spirit, I saw the Nation of America without the ROD OF AUTHORITY for the Nations that it held before. INTERPRETATION. For choosing darkness over light, Elohim has taken away the DOMINION of America. Never Again, will America exercise nor hold the Global Rod of Power. The prowess of America as the greatest Nation and Civilization of the World, has today come to an end. America and its People, will soon be carried away to Babylon as captives. A great and fierce Army of the antiChrist from the East and Far East, will soon invade America and plunder it. A time of tribulation and suffering, will cover America and its People. PRAYER POINT. Pray that ALL the antiChrist in America will escape NOT from the wrath of Heaven.

VISION OF A DROWNED TITANIC. While in the Spirit, I saw the great Titanic ship of the Antlantic Ocean, sink deep in the waters. Every attempt to recover the ship and its occupants, did not bear fruit. INTERPRETATION. Heavenly Judgement is decreed against the antiChrist New World Order of America. For rejecting Elohim and His Servants, and choosing darkness over light, Elohim has too today, rejected the Nation and People of America. In a little while, America shall begin to witness the wrath of Elohim upon its land. The coverage of Heaven that has been upon America, has departed. The Judgement of Sodom and Gommorah, is going to fall upon America and its People. ONLY THE FEW RIGHTEOUS ONES OF ELOHIM in the land, will escape the coming Judgement. PRAYER POINT. Pray that Elohim will not relent from His anger against the antiChrist, Illuminati, New Age, World Order of America.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

VISION OF THE SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. While in the Spirit, I saw the SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, shine forth upon the Earth and all its Creation. INTERPRETATION. The Dawn of CHRIST; YESHUA-MESSIAH, is risen upon the Earth. CHRIST is enthroned as King of kings and LORD of Lords over the Earth. The Government of CHRIST is established over the Earth. The Dominion, Power and Authority of CHRIST over the Earth, has begun. The Hebrew Christian People and Civilization are established over the Earth. PRAYER POINT. Pray that ALL the Set Apart Ones of Elohim will understand their TIMES of the LORD'S VISITATION.

VISION OF A DARK STAR FALL. While in the Spirit, I saw a dark star, that has been covering the STARS OF THE RIGHTEOUSNESS, fall from the heavenlies. INTERPRETATION. Heavenly Judgement is decreed the dominion, power and authority of the antiChrist. The era of the antiChrist ruling over the Earth and its Creation, has come to an end. All the strongholds, dominions, powers, principalities and kingdoms of the antiChrist have been judged and destroyed. PRAYER POINT. Pray for a total end to the kingdom of Darkness.

VISION OF THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON. While in the Spirit, I saw the Battle of Armageddon raging on earth. 7 Armies of the World, 7 kings of the World and 7 Queens of the World were all at war with the MESSIAH and His Army. INTERPRETATION. The End Time Battle for Dominion, Power and Authority over the Earth, between CHRIST and SATAN, is on. CHRIST seeks to restore the Earth to the Original Order of Heaven, while Satan seeks to pervert the Earth and its Creation. CHRIST and His Army of; Prophets, Apostles and Disciples, are battling against the antiChrist spirits of; Satan, Lucifer, Jezebel, Dragon, False Prophet out of the Earth and the wicked spirit of the Queen of the Waters, Nations and the Heavenlies, that have been having territorial dominion, power and authority over the Earth. PRAYER POINT. Pray that CHRIST and His Army of; Prophets, Apostles and Disciples, will completely defeat the antiChrist spirits.